How to Manage time schedule with calendar

 calendar with them to the best of your abilities. Make an executive decision for theFebruary 2017 calendar printable both of you and ensure 2015 is the year you address any outstanding discrepancies or “niggles” with your boss, and start a working relationship, that actually does “work” for the both of you. Your executive and your career will have a lot to thank you for in the long run. It’s not a case of being abrupt, demanding or confrontational, but more so using the skills that you have acquired throughout your career to coax them in to assisting you in fulfilling the demands of your role, and in turn fully supporting and assisting them. A few pointers are outlined below, with the aim of helping you to manage your boss, and develop a successful two-way relationship which works for both parties.It’s no secret that your executive is incredibly busy, and finding time to break away from their daily routine/schedule for even five minutes to have a catch up could be incomprehensible to them, or they may think it’s not necessary.Think about what time you need with them and how frequently. It may be that you’d like to catch up with them each morning for five or 10 minutes to discuss the day’s agenda, and then have a 30-minute meeting every other week to discuss any other business or forthcoming appointments. Look at their calendar and see where you can schedule in the time to meet with them – it may be 5 minutes before the working days starts, or five minutes at the end to iron out the “ins” and “outs” of tomorrow.

February 2017 calendar printableSchedule Time with Printable Calendar

Schedule in your slot and send your executive an invitation – with a message which states why you have selected this slot and what you would like to discuss – eg “I would like to catch up with you first thing tomorrow morning to go through the following points…” or “You have a meeting with Mr Jones tomorrow at 10am, the notes for the meeting are attached – need to run February 2017 calendar printable through a few points beforehand at 9.50am, before you meet Mrs Smith for lunch.” You’ll find they will be hard pushed to decline the invitation, if you clearly confirm the reason for the meeting and outline your agenda, making it clear as to why the meeting needs to happen. To ensure the meeting is not overlooked once it is agreed, make sure you “flag it” – this will highlight that the meeting/catch up is important, and ensure it doesn’t “slip” their mind.Regular meetings with your executive are crucial for the development of your working relationship, as well as getting to know and respect each other on a more personal level – a February 2017 calendar printableand Executive who have a great relationship will tell you this.Further training in how to expertly use email packages could be a great way to enhance your efficiency and capabilities throughout your working day. Being able to use advanced mail features to manage and customise your mail environment and calendar options will make the tasks you carry out on a daily basis a lot easier. It’ll also enable you to effectively and confidently communicate with your executive (and other colleagues), and organise them more resourcefully. Also, February 2017 calendar printableif your executive is failing to give you full access to their emails, being deemed an expert in Microsoft Outlook could be your way in, and a surefire way to gain their confidence in your capabilities. It will confirm to them that you are able to further assist and support them by helping manage and organise their mail environment and calendar.
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